With a business Facebook page, once a visitor becomes a fan, you can offer them incentives that non-fans do not receive. It is possible to control this from your own website! Webstores will set this up for you so you can update the promotions that only your fans can see from your website. See our portfolio for examples.

No matter what your Facebook page is about, the purpose of your custom landing tab should always be the conversion of visitors to fans. Between a visitor and the fan is only a tiny click on that “Like” button, and sometimes it’s a good practice to remind people about it.

Facebook is huge. With the average user connecting to 80 community pages, groups and events and with over 900 million (!) objects that users love to interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages), Facebook pages are massive and with a well thought layout they will prove to be a very valuable business asset and a great experience for the user.


YouTube is a great way to expand your market and drive your company to a higher search placement. Custom YouTube Channels bring legitimacy to companies who want to separate themselves from the tens of millions of YouTube users who use YouTube’s default design options. Our custom YouTube layouts give an added dimension of personality, branding, and value to your social media profile and can increase the chances of a user interacting with your videos substantially.


Adwords, Banner ads, and Affiliate Programs

Advertising remains an import part of Internet marketing. WebStores Ltd can help you with the following:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook ads
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Banner ads


Copy Writing
Many business owners struggle with writing content about their products and services. If you are selling other people’s products, you may be able to get basic information from the manufacturer’s website, but this poses a couple of problems:

1. The search engines may penalize you for duplicate content if you simply copy what someone else has written. Even if they didn’t you still have problem #2:

2. You are the expert on the products you are selling. You need to offer your advice and expertise to your customers in your own unique way, not just copying what someone else is saying.

WebStores Ltd can help you create content that sells. Copy writing can be used for

  • email newsletters
  • articles & press releases
  • product descriptions


Photography and image manipulation
The process of taking digital photographs using green screen and blank backgrounds while insuring proper lighting is an art. Creating compelling images that sell your products is an important part of a great website. Once you have the raw images, you may need to further manipulate them by re-sizing the images, combining multiple images into one, adding text, adjusting the colors and more. WebStores Ltd can bring your images to life!

Email Marketing